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 Past of Us (About Whitedale)

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PostSubject: Past of Us (About Whitedale)   Thu May 14, 2009 1:36 am

Where did we come from?
We left homunculus to make our own guild. We're real life friends (18 people) and playing WoW since 3-4 years. We were playing in another server at TBC and finished it successfully. Now we want same success at Woltk.

Raid Progress
We finished 10 -25 man raids except Ulduar and need people for ulduar.(All 25man raids finished, just ulduar25 never enter)

Raiding times are 19:00 pm - 12:00 pm. We're raiding in weekdays. We don't raid at Saturdays and Sundays

We have arena teams and make premade runs for pvp. Our pvp members are "Champions" and they don't have to come to raids.

What's special on Whitedale?

First of all, most of us are RL friends and that makes our guild stronger. We all are tolerant and kind. We listen people and find soluitons for their problems. We use all sources effectively like professions etc. We don't judge people with their gear. We look their playing and listening skills, cause gears can be improved anyway during the progress.
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Past of Us (About Whitedale)
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