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 Whitedale Ranks

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PostSubject: Whitedale Ranks   Wed Jun 03, 2009 11:29 pm

Guild Master: Leola
I'm from turkey and 20 years old. Going to art school and playing wow Smile My first char was dranai elemental shaman and i finished sunwell on tbc. But at wotlk my guild dispanded and my all friends came to horde, Kor'gall server.I'm for preparing guild runs, manage guild runs and guild members.But looks like i can do everything Razz


They're like me, they're guild masters too, they can do everything on guild.

Wing Leaders: Kaichan (Healer), Panzarthar (Tank), Melkor (Melee DPS)
They are know too much thing about their wings (Tank / Melee / Caster / Healer ) and they're manage people gear, enchants, gems and playing circle.They can warning you and you should listen their advices.They can like you and promote you too.

EP: %90


We'll take them raids first, they will not need everything from bosses. They can give their places to members and trialist if them need gear.They can't warning them and but can give advices.They can like them but cant promote you.If they will see something wrong/true, they have to say more higher rank.

EP: %90

Normal Whitedale member.Secondary we'll take them to raid and if they want be raider they dont need everything from bosses.They cant warning anyone.If they will see something wrong/true, they have to say more higher rank.

It is pvp rank and only you'll get play pvp.You will not get invites to raids. You can go premade runs with guild and can join arena teams on guild.

New members of guild, they will come raids for show their performance.We can replace them easly but they can loot easly too. We have 2 week trial time for trials. After 2 week, still not member they can enter all puf raids cause we'll not get them to raid but still they will have chance.When we like them we'll call them to raids then can be member. (Looks like too hard but we dont like kick people)

They cant be online too much, they just want be at guild.They'll come and will say "hello".


Alt chars will not invite to raid, if will not need your alt char.
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Whitedale Ranks
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