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 Whitedale General Guild and Raid Rules

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PostSubject: Whitedale General Guild and Raid Rules   Fri May 08, 2009 1:05 pm

Raiding Rules
1. At raid time, please be ready and wait for invites. Don't enter to any other intance or raid.

2. Before raids, please get flasks, potions and food. You don't have to bring flasks to 10man raids.

3.Before raids, please read and watch tactics from google and youtube.

4 Please listen when raid leader tells boss tactics. If you don't understand just ask in raid chat or whisper.

5.If you see something wrong at fight or raid, whisper to raid leader please. Don't blame or shout anyone. Everybody can do mistakes. Yelling or swearing never work. Just helping does.

6.Please do not leave raid until finished or you'll get -50 EP point and negative impression. If you have something important or emergency, please tell us.

7.You can't get saved to the progress raids without guild. If you do, you can be demoted get negative EP or kicked. Check Raid Information topic for the current raids we made. http://whitedale.forum.st/announcements-f16/raid-information-t11.htm

8.You can't go afk more than 5 mins. in raid. After 5 mins. you'll be replaced. Try to eat before raid or near computer.

Loot Rules

When we loot the boss, loot master will announce roll or bid. First raid warning is for main spec. If nobody need that item, there will be a second raid warning for off spec. If you have another status like leaving main spec and taking an item for a future main spec you should tell that before the raid.

Be ready at raid time +20 EP
Killing Bosses +20 EP
Hard tries without kill +20 EP
Hard tries with kill +40 EP
Save the day +30 EP (Saving the raid from wiping or using skills amazingly in the right place at the right time.)
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Whitedale General Guild and Raid Rules
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